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Best pedo course I've taken
Great course. Pediatric dentistry was a topic I didn't get a great education in during dental school. Even 13 years later, it frustrates me. I feel so much more confident after this course. I highly recommend.
Best lecture I've heard on restorative
I like to think that I've learned from some of the greats: Carl Misch, Bill Strupp, some guy from Spear, etc. Lane's lecture is the most clearly done lecture on restorative dentistry that I've heard to date. I re-listened to it thrice.
Very informative
I loved the historical connection and linkage to the use of SDF. Clear and concise treatment planning and easy application breakdown.

Complex topic, explained in a simple way
This was the first CE I've taken from Dental Town. I promptly took another of Dr. Nosti's courses afterward. He explains what to me are still complex types of treatment, in a simple fashion. These courses will help me execute!

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