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High Performances: Lessons from an Olympic Weightlifter
In a recent podcast episode featuring Shawn Zajas and Allison House, the focus was on their insightful interactions with a remarkable individual, Olympic weightlifter Sarah Davis. With their garage transformed into a weightlifting haven, Allison House has a rich background in the field, stemming...  Read More
Lessons from Ted Lasso part 2
In the podcast segment, Shawn Zajas and Dr. Allison House discuss leadership lessons from the TV show "Ted Lasso," focusing on building trust and fostering a positive culture. Dr. House shares how the show's emphasis on relationships and sacrifice among team members resonates with her, even though...  Read More
Evolution of Your Brand - Staying True To Yourself
In today's world, personal branding is crucial for success. Your brand is all about who you are, what you represent, and how you present yourself to the world. It's not just about your logo or your website; it's about your identity, your voice, and how you connect with others. As culture and...  Read More
Exploring the Dark Side of Dentistry: Mental Health and Suicide
Mental health is an important topic that needs to be discussed in the dental industry. In a recent podcast, dentists Dr. Allison House and Shawn Zajas discussed the dark side of dentistry, which includes mental health issues, burnout, and even suicide. Statistics show that while middle-aged men are...  Read More
Reassessing Your Goals and Priorities: Taking Action for a Fulfilling Life
No matter what the time of the year is, it's important to reassess our priorities and make sure we're still in alignment with our goals. In a recent episode of The Authentic Dentist podcast, Shawn Zajas and Dr. Allison House discussed the importance of scheduling goals and taking action to make...  Read More
New Dentists on the Block with Dr. Maestras
The world of dentistry can be both rewarding and challenging, especially for new dentists who are just starting their careers. In a recent episode of the Authentic Dentist podcast, Dr. Allison House sat down with Dr. Maestras, host of the new podcast "New Dentist on The Block," to discuss his...  Read More
Improving Dental Practice Performance with Data-Driven Insights: Insights from Dental Intelligence"
In this podcast episode, the hosts Dr. Allison House and Shawn Zajas interview Katie and Steve from Dental Intelligence, a company that provides dental practices with data analytics and goal-setting tools. The hosts discuss how to gather and analyze data on metrics such as new patient growth,...  Read More
Dental Intelligence with Katie and Steve
Dental Intelligence with Katie and Steve   Read More
How Dedicated Sleeping Implants is Revolutionizing the Dental Industry with Doug Baker
In this podcast episode, Shawn Zajas and Dr. Allison House of the Authentic Dentist podcast interview Doug Baker, a representative of Dedicated Sleep Implants.    What we loved about meeting with Dedicated Sleep Implants was that they were in the “sleep game” before it even became a thing in...  Read More
Success In Dentistry with Dr. Avi Patel
Dr. Avi Patel is a man on a mission, and his passion for dentistry is contagious. He has been making waves in the industry, and at the Voices of Dentistry conference, he caught the attention of Dr. Allison House and Shawn Zajas with his impressive story and personable nature. Let's take a closer...  Read More
Overjet is an artificial intelligence company that automatically analyses radiographs in real-time, with really three main goals; clinicians to be more confident, more accurate, and more clinically precise. So, they want to improve patient outcomes by helping clinicians evaluate the radiographs...  Read More
Building wealth in dentistry - exploring forms of leverage for Dentists
There's a big difference between riches and wealth. Also a dentist cannot build wealth just by doing dentistry, a dentist can get rich and make lots of money doing dentistry. So a rich person and a wealthy person are completely different, even when you show up at their home. The rich person is...  Read More
How to Deal with Challenging Employees in your Dental Practice
At the core of whether it's dentistry or business in general, it's that we are people, and we work with other people. Most businesses have teams and every now and then you have issues with team members. You do everything right. You plan your project well, you plan for risk, you follow your...  Read More
How the Southwest Airlines Meltdown Can Help your Dental Practices in 2023
In December 2022 Southwest Airlines canceled 1000s of flights. Now at first, they blamed it on the weather, because there was a huge cold front going on. Other flights however did not cancel, which was pretty fishy. It was later discovered that the software that gets people scheduled, and the...  Read More
Creating an Experience
Michael Dinsio is a Dental Practice Consultant and Strategist that has helped over 500 doctors start, buy, and grow their practices for almost a decade. He is a leader, Speaker, Consultant, and Advocate in the Dental Industry. Michael is the Founder & Co-Owner of Next Level Consultants where he and...  Read More
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