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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast
Everyday Practices follow Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson as they interview dental professionals about everything related to dental practice ownership from productivity & finances, to best practices for patient interaction, leadership, and more.
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Episode 201 – Ordinary People, Extraordinary Care

Episode 201 – Ordinary People, Extraordinary Care

9/6/2023 12:48:08 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 13

You don’t have to fit someone else’s notion of a ‘super dentist’ to be successful.” ~Dr. Victoria Peterson

In this episode of Everyday Practices Podcast, co-hosts Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson pick up where they left off in their ongoing conversation with Productive Dentist Academy co-founders Dr. Bruce B. Baird, and Dr. Victoria Peterson. Both separately and together, they have forged illustrious careers in the dental profession, and in this episode Regan and Dr. Chad uncover some of their more remarkable achievements. 

Dr. Baird reflects on a transformative moment in his life that made a profound shift in his personal and professional perspectives that not only strengthened his relationship with his family, but reshaped his entire outlook on success. Meanwhile, Dr. Peterson shares her humble approach to success, emphasizing the value of trust and the incredible satisfaction she has in changing the lives of others for the better.

The discussion in this episode also uncovers the power of embracing authenticity during a time when aesthetics seemed to be valued a lot more than substance. They delve into the idea that true influence is earned through authentic personal growth and self-discovery, and then Drs. Baird and Peterson offer insights and inspiration, transcending the dental profession, as they look toward the future and all of the possibilities.

As you listen to this podcast, think about:

  • What achievements are you most proud of?
  • In what ways do you make an impact in your community and in your profession?
  • What do you think the future of dentistry looks like?

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Care

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