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GDW has helped hundreds of Townies build their website and online presence, and get their marketing set on the proper path. This blog is about actionable ideas and tips you can use to market your practice online!
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Case Study of the Month: How PPC Advertising Can Transform New Patient Numbers
In a competitive landscape where success hinges on staying ahead, dental practices have to be willing to embrace new marketing strategies to outshine the competition. This month's featured case study spotlights the remarkable journey of a family-owned dental practice in Fort Collins, CO, and how...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
August 2023 Google Update & Other Things You Need To Know From The World Of Dental SEO
In the SEO world, constant change seems to be the only thing that stays the same. As our team works to find repeatable SEO strategies that garner real-world results for our clients, there is a lot to keep track of. Here are three things we are keeping a watchful eye on as we look to finish the...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
Dental Marketing Calendars: Planning Marketing Efforts For Your Practice
Let's talk about something that could make dental marketing feel less like pulling teeth and more like a well-coordinated dance – a marketing calendar! This tool will help you in strategizing, implementing, and overseeing your marketing endeavors, guaranteeing a uniform message across campaigns...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
The Dental Marketing Audit Guide You Can't Live Without
It's no secret that the ability to effectively market your practice online and attract new patients through multiple channels has become paramount to achieving sustainable growth. However, between providing excellent dental care to your patients, balancing business ownership, and still enjoying...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
August Case Study - Google Local Services Ads & Early Adoption
Earlier this year, Google introduced Local Services Ads as an innovative alternative to the traditional "pay-per-click" model that has been around for decades. , but there is one that stands out: With LSAs, you only pay for qualified leads – actual phone calls from potential patients. This means...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
Google Local Services Ads Now More Profitable Than Ever: A Guide To Lead Disputes
Google Local Services Ads Are Evolving Today's competitive dental landscape has seen Google's Local Services Ads (LSA) rise as a powerful tool for many of our clients seeking budget-friendly visibility and strong patient acquisition. Previously, disputing LSA leads seemed like an impossible task,...  Read More
Dental SEO Case Study: How SEO Can Lead To Sustainable Growth
SEO is an exercise that never seems to stay in one place. As algorithms and search engine guidelines change, our team’s strategy has to change with them. It's a constant read, react and adapt process that makes long term success all the more satisfying in the end. In July’s case study of the...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
The Future of AI for Dental Practices: What does it mean for Dental SEO?
Embracing the Future: AI and SEO AI is changing the way we search online and is reshaping SEO strategies with products like Google Bard and Chat GPT. Google Bard is a conversational generative AI chatbot developed by Google. The incorporation of BARD into Google search will create an entirely new...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
UPDATED: Now Open to Dentists - Google Local Services Ads
, Dentists have a chance to own the top view on Google! Why Should You Care about Being a Google Screened Provider? Be the first dentist in your area to sign on and potentially own that market.             Other industries saw a huge increase in high-quality leads from the outset                ...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
Avoiding Black Hat Dental Marketing: 5 Things to Watch Out For
An effective dental marketing strategy is crucial to running a successful dental practice. With so many dental marketing companies, finding the right one that will help your practice grow can be challenging. Unfortunately, many companies out there claim to be dental marketing experts but are...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
Should Dentists Use PPC or Google Local Services Ads?
Two powerful online advertising strategies can help you attract new patients (and hang onto the ones you already have) – . How Dental PPC Works PPC ads are online advertising tools where you pay each time a user clicks on your ad. These ads are displayed at the top and bottom of search engine...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
Is Bing Really Back? Optimizing for Bing's New AI Assisted Searches
In February, Microsoft announced a new version of its Bing search engine that incorporates the AI technology behind ChatGPT to create more accurate and useful search results. Let's talk about how this could possibly affect your dental website and what you can do to get ahead in a potentially...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
ChatGPT for the Dental Practice: How to use AI content with your Dental Marketing
If you have tuned into any , and you might wonder if you still need your dedicated copywriters at GDW to craft your blogs or website pages for your digital marketing efforts. While AI-generated content has many uses in digital marketing, it's not yet time for content writers to put their quills in...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
Navigating the New Google Business Profile Dashboard
Have you signed into your Google Business Profile (GBP) recently to make updates? You may have noticed that your GBP dashboard is in a different area and formatted differently.  Gone are the days of the Google My Business interface. Late last year, Google officially moved the admin area  (search...  Read More
      What’s new                                                       - GMB was renamed and is now called “Google Business Profile”.  This     happened a little while ago, but they really like changing the name of     this thing.                                         - What’s more recent is...  Read More
Do You Need Local Listing Management for Your Dental Practice?
Have you ever conducted a “near me” search on the internet when you’re looking for a particular service or business? Most people have because it’s a quick and effective way to find information and places they’re looking for.   If you’ve used this technique to find “restaurants near me” or “coffee...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
Digital Marketing for Dentists- Terms You Need To Know in 2022
In today’s busy and connected world, digital marketing has never been more critical or more competitive for dental practices, and it has changed drastically over the last decade. To reach the most potential patients, a successful dentist must consider all dental marketing options and be especially...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
The Dentist's Guide to Creating Video Testimonials
If you have two options in front of you, and you're not sure which one to choose, you'd probably look for reviews. Reviews are the ultimate tie-breaker. People tend to trust recommendations, especially when it comes to dental care. This is why you need plenty of testimonials for your dental...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
Maximize Year-End Tax Strategies for Your Dental Practice
Before the final quarter of 2021 ends, you may want to consider evaluating your tax strategies so you can take advantage of some opportunities to save money this year and in 2022. While we’re going to share some potential areas of your dental practice you may want to think about investing in...  Read More
Updating Your GMB: Holiday Hours
As the holiday season approaches, office hours may be changing from their typical schedule. It is important to relay this updated information to potential and current patients.  Luckily, adding special hours to your Google My Business profile is easy!  Follow the 4 simple steps below to save...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
How to Craft an Engaging "About Us" Page for Your Dental Practice
The “About Us” page doesn’t get as much attention as the “Home” page. It doesn’t get as much special consideration as the “Contact Us” page. And it’s not as fussed over as the “Services” page. However, the “About Us” page is, perhaps, the second most important page on your dental practice’s...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
How to Write PPC Ads That Get Results
One of the best ways to increase your visibility online is through search engine marketing, or SEM for short. With SEM, you can shoot up to the top of the search results (above your competitors’ listings) and then grab the attention of your prospective dental patients.  SEM is a fast and...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Dental Practice
Should you use YouTube to generate new leads for your dental practice? Absolutely! YouTube isn’t just for vlogs, makeup, music, and comedy skits. YouTube is an incredible resource for generating fresh leads for your local dental practice. Through the power of video, you can attract new,...  Read More
Facebook Tips for Dentists: How to Engage on Facebook
Let’s talk about Facebook, and how to effectively use this platform to grow your dental practice.  Facebook is the most popular social media platform on the planet. , it had amassed 2.8 billion active users. That’s over a third of the earth’s population. If one out of every three people use...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
Grow Your Dental Practice With Email Marketing
Looking for a new way to grow your dental practice? Look no further than your inbox. Yes, we’re talking about email.  Email is one of the best marketing tools that you’re not using. While you likely use email for simple transactional tasks, such as to confirm upcoming dental appointments, you...  Read More
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