Investment Grade Practices: A Dentist Podcast
Investment Grade Practices: A Dentist Podcast
Investment Grade PracticesTM are designed to give you the lifestyle you enjoy today, while building an asset for tomorrow. Victoria Peterson, SsD helps dentists build practices that they love today while building value to secure their future.

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Episode 76 - Financing: Getting Patients to “Yes!”
“It doesn’t matter if they get the work done over four months or four years. What matters is they’re in control, and you have a plan.”  ~ Dr. Victoria Peterson In the previous episode, we learned that the most important metric in your practice is if your patients are saying “yes” to treatment, and...  Read More
Episode 75 - The Most Important Metric in Your Practice
“Figure out who you are, who you serve, and then develop your philosophy of care from there.”  ~ Victoria Peterson There are so many different metrics that we can use to measure the success of your dental practice.  But if you truly want to gauge how well your practice is doing, it comes back to...  Read More
Episode 74 – Empowering Your Team to Lead
“The number one thing that has made it easy for me as a leader, Is being super clear about what characteristics we as a team should embody.” – Regan Robertson Have you ever been frustrated with team members who hide out, forget simple tasks, or downright refuse to take accountability? It comes...  Read More
Episode 73 – The Ultimate Retirement Strategy
“We are moving from the short-term am I profitable, to the long term of does someone else see the value of the practice.” – Christine Uhen It sounds simple. It sounds assumed. “Of course I own my dental practice,” you say. “Of course its an asset.” But to this day 9 out of 10 doctors still can’t...  Read More
Episode 72 – The Dental Business Accounting Playbook
“Accounting doesn’t matter…until it matters.” -Chris Sands So when does accounting matter? The simple answer is when there’s a significant exchange of money. It matters if you grew you and made money and have a big tax bill. If you’re buying anything or applying for a loan, accounting matters and...  Read More
Episode 71 – How to Transition Your Dental Practice
“When you’re planning the right way of doing a transition, you should know your options sooner rather than later. ” ~Kyle Francis You want to make good decisions. The right decisions. For you. It’s no secret that consolidation has been happening in the dental industry and as all smart business...  Read More
Episode 70 - Authentic Marketing That Grows an Investment Grade Practice
“Talk about what you care about. Being authentic attracts the people who are like-minded.”  ~ Victoria Peterson When it comes to marketing, dentistry is late to the game.  Many of you may not know that it was in fact illegal to market dental practices until the late 1980s. So it's no surprise that...  Read More
Episode 69 - How Dental Practices Hold On to Profits
“We have a wonderful cash flow business, yet we don’t hang on to the profits.”  ~ Victoria Peterson The average dentist has $25 million flow through their business during their career.  Dentistry really is a wonderful industry and creates a huge amount of cash flow. The reality is, most average...  Read More
Episode 68: Where Are You Going with Your Dental Practice?
“If you don’t know where you’re going then you better enjoy the ride, because you’re never going to get there.”  ~ Victoria Peterson Do you know where your business is going?  Have you ever been thinking about your business and found these questions chasing themselves around your brain: Should I...  Read More
Episode 66: What an Investment Grade Practice Looks Like
“I’m always looking for cutting-edge material. I want to be constantly reinspired and re-engaged.” ~Dr. Nathan Kupperman If dentists were cars, Dr. Nate Kupperman would be a Ferrari.  I talk to a lot of doctors.  While most of them have their own inspiring stories to share, I knew from the first...  Read More
Episode 65: The Ultimate Guide to Investing for Dentists
“The level of distraction will ebb and flow, but it’s always there. That’s what we need to get a handle on.” ~Matt Mulcock, CFP Are your emotions jerked around like a yo-yo every time you turn on the news? So many business owners get sucked into the drama of the stock market and it makes sense:...  Read More
Episode 64: The Secret to Finding the Perfect Buyer for Your Practice
“The opportunity to bring in an associate who is on a pathway to ownership is huge.” ~Dr. David Rice It’s a conundrum.  Experienced practice owners need young dentists who want to be on the path to ownership. Young doctors are seeking great practices where they can grow into ownership. But it can...  Read More
Episode 63 – Top Dental Team Recruitment Tips with Dr. Maggie Augustyn
“I don’t know how many will agree with me, but I will stand up for every one of my team members. I will put them ahead of my patients because they’ve earned it.” – Dr. Maggie Augustyn Team turnover is devastating to your practice. It undermines team morale and can wipe out any financial gains...  Read More
Episode 61 - This Is How to Maximize the Value of Your Dental Practice
“I was growing, but if I hadn’t realized that I wasn’t optimizing my EBIDA, then wouldn’t have gotten the value out of my practice that I did.” ~Dr. Nikki Green Having an Investment Grade Practice gives you choices. This is something my guest today, Dr. Nikki Green, knows well. Dr. Green is a savvy...  Read More
Episode 60 – Keeping the Dental Burnout Wolves at Bay
“I think it’s just knowing that so many people have already experienced the same things and that there are already solutions to the problems I faced and I don’t have to figure it out on my own.” ~Dr. Joe Blalock Dr. Victoria Peterson had the honor to sit down in person with Dr. Joe Blalock, host...  Read More
Episode 59 - Hire the People Who Believe in You
“My office manager is my right hand, she is someone I can 100% rely on to understand the vision of the practice and drive to that.”  ~Dr. Clint Euse Hire the people who believe in you.  That might sound daunting, especially right now when there’s a shortage of employees in the dental industry, but...  Read More
Episode 58 - Mission: The Million Dollar Dental Associate
“Nowhere else except dentistry does the interview include the person asking ‘when do I take over?’”  – Chris Sands “Hire and mentor a million-dollar associate.” It sounds so easy. But as you probably know, it’s not.  In last week’s episode of Investment Grade Practices, we had a mind-blowing...  Read More
Episode 56: Developing a Rock-Solid Dental Team
“If you have high turnover, that usually means people have stopped growing in your practice.” -Dr. Victoria Peterson Your team is one of the foundational pillars to building your Investment Grade Practice™. In the last episode, we had an exceptional conversation with Dr. Adrienne Reynolds about...  Read More
Episode 55 – Hiring a Passionate Dental Team
“If you’re going to grow your business, you need to grow your people.” Building and retaining a fantastic team is key to building your Investment Grade Practice™. But so many dentists and business owners struggle with their team and office culture. In fact, it can be downright debilitating when...  Read More
Episode 57 - Mission: Maximization
“The million-dollar associate should be the goal” – Dr. Victoria Peterson You are in your early 40s, and you have owned your practice for about 10 years (or less). While the entire country talks about selling, your practice is on the rise and you’re finally able to enjoy a little bit of profit. So...  Read More
Episode 54 - Dental Partnerships that Support Your Lifestyle with Dr. Clint Euse
“It was never about a number, it was about lifestyle.” ~Dr. Clint Euse When he was a new dentist and saw an ad that said he could make $1000 an hour, work three days a week, and take a month of vacation each year, Dr. Clint Euse thought that was crazy…impossible. Now, ten years down the road, he’s...  Read More
Episode 53 – Building a Culture of Trust with Kashmere Fitch, MA
“This is your office and your culture; you have your whole team – and not just one team member – to be responsible for.” – Kashmere Fitch, MA The workforce today faces a growing trend of “quiet quitting,” where highly skilled and talented employees become completely demoralized and do only the...  Read More
Episode 52 – The Secret to Developing Leaders in Your Dental Practice
“The number one thing that has made it easy for me as a leader, Is being super clear about what characteristics we as a team should embody.” – Regan Robertson Have you ever been frustrated with team members who hide out, forget simple tasks, or downright refuse to take accountability?  It comes...  Read More
Episode 51: 3 Insider Tips that Could Change the Future of Your Dental Practice with Dr. Bruce B. Baird
“I wish I knew then what I know now, because maybe things would have been different.” – Dr. Bruce B. Baird Do you want to live life on your terms? Of course you do! But in order to do that, you need to know what opportunities are available to you and your dental practice.  The reality is, the...  Read More
Episode 46 - Moving Your Dental Practice from Good to Great: Part 1 Leadership Focus
“Good is the enemy of great. Because too often, ‘good’ means settling for ‘good enough.’” – Dr. Victoria Peterson What is the difference between good and great? Good dental practices can create a nice lifestyle, but great dental practices can create your legacy Life rewards you after the effort....  Read More
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