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by Dr. Bobby Birdi
Dr. Bobby Birdi shares a patient case involving immediate placement of an implant after atraumatic tooth extraction, then immediate loading with a temporary abutment screwed to the implant base.
September 2023
by Dr. Giacomo Tarquini
Dr. Giacomo Tarquini’s case study illustrates the use of a novel flex cortical sheet barrier membrane to stabilize the graft and prevent micromovements that could hinder the bone regeneration process.
July 2023
A Townie pays it forward by sharing oral surgery tips he learned on Dentaltown
July 2023
New motor from Aseptico streamlines and simplifies workflow
June 2023
by Dr. Elizabeth DiBona
This multidisciplinary treatment plan from Dr. Elizabeth DiBona features elements of digital planning, oral surgery, orthodontics and classic restorative principles. DiBona discusses the case’s various considerations and showcases a collaborative outcome the patient loved.
May 2023
by Dr. Emil M. Verban Jr.
Dr. Emil M. Verban Jr. explains which key factors must be evaluated when determining which prosthetic design should be used for optimal success in implant dentistry, and shares a case study involving guided placement of implants to support an all-on-X maxillary prothesis.
March 2023
by Dr. Dee Dee Meevasin
Dr. Dee Dee Meevasin explains how her practice uses a 3D printer to create surgical guides for implant cases. The result? Cases completed in fewer appointments, with lower failure rates, and eliminated lab delays or production issues. Meevasin also shares a case study to illustrate these principles in action.
February 2023
A Townie’s struggle with a result leads other dentists to share advice and similar cases
January 2023
by Dr. Howard Goldstein
Dr. Howard Goldstein, director of continuing education, shares Dentaltown's latest CE offerings and most popular implant courses and more.
January 2023
Dentaltown's monthly dental poll reveals how other practices operate, what works, what doesn’t and how dentistry is evolving. The information we gather each month helps us measure trends in the profession. Take a look at this month’s topic and results on implants.
December 2022
by Drs. Levente and Catherine Foley Bodak-Gyovai
Drs. Levente and Catherine Foley Bodak-Gyovai discuss using calibrated implant pin control when placing implants without the use of complex computerized systems, and share case studies.
November 2022
by Sam Mittelsteadt, editor & creative director
This implant practitioner, who has written several CE courses for Dentaltown, recently sold his two dental practices and returned to school so he can earn a certificate in periodontics and a master’s degree in periodontal science. In our exclusive Q&A, he explains what his long-term goals are—and how even now, he’s “making more than I would if I were a GP doing bread-and-butter dentistry work.”
November 2022
by Dr. Ed Kusek
Dr. Ed Kusek shares the case study of the first patient treated through a program developed by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry Foundation—a 73-year-old veteran who received five new implants and a zirconium hybrid appliance.
September 2022
by Drs. Jarron Tawzer and Joshua Nagao
Drs. Jarron Tawzer and Joshua Nagao lay out four keys of platelet-rich fibrin treatments and how general dentists can easily fold this fascinating option into future implant and grafting cases.
July 2022
by Dr. LeRoy Horton
Dr. LeRoy Horton explores three common risk factors for peri-implantitis and explains why dentists should shift their preliminary concern when placing implants from concern about immediate success to a long-term vision that includes risk assessment and patient-specific treatment modifications.
June 2022
While the patient is happy with the outcome, this Townie looks for answers as to why this implant result wasn’t more ideal.
May 2022
With our monthly dental poll you can see how other practices operate, what works, what doesn’t and how dentistry is evolving. The information we gather each month helps us measure trends in the profession. Take a look at this month’s topic and results on implants.
August 2021
by Dr. Christopher M. Bingham
Dr. Christopher Bingham— a Townie periodontist who practices in Austin, Texas—discusses the robotically guided system he uses to help him surgically place dental implants. “Location, depth and angulation are all controlled down to a fraction of a millimeter,” says Bingham, who recently used the device to place implants in Teeth 3, 4 and 5 in conjunction with a sinus lift—a close proximity that’s a challenge even for specialists.
January 2021
by Dr. LeRoy Horton
Dr. LeRoy Horton shares a case that illustrates immediate dental implant placement on the mandibular first molar, which he considers to be an ideal site for clinicians to begin immediate implant practice.
May 2021
by Dr. Neal Patel
Dr. Neal Patel discusses how digital technology has changed clinical dentistry and illustrates how the components of a digital platform can cut the number of patient visits required for complex implant placement treatment by more than half, from eight visits to just three.
June 2021
by Dr. Charles Schlesinger
Dr. Charles Schlesinger demonstrates how to remove fractured abutment screws in implants with nonstandard connections.
July 2021
by Dr. LeRoy Horton
Dr. LeRoy Horton’s latest implants CE course for Dentaltown delves into beginning-level guided bone regeneration, discussing specific strategies that will aid in surgical, restorative and aesthetic success.
August 2021
by Dr. Robin Henderson
A fully digital workflow “allows so many opportunities for solving problems in new ways,” says Dr. Robin Henderson, who likes how it gives her both control and creativity when it comes to treating patients—not just in the restorations themselves but even more so in treatment planning. She shares a case study to illustrate the process, from intraoral scans and CBCT imaging through 3D printing of models and aligners and CAD/CAM-produced implants.
December 2021
After Townies cast their ballots for their favorite dental services and products, we tallied the results. Now it’s time to announce the winners of the 2021 Townie Choice Awards!
December 2021
by Dr. Howard Farran
Fresh off a visit to a Townie’s practice in New Mexico, Dentaltown founder Dr. Howard Farran discusses why young dentists need to become proficient at molar endo and implant treatments.
April 2022
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