Oral Surgery

A Townie refurbishes and refits a denture for an elderly patient
July 2023
A Townie pays it forward by sharing oral surgery tips he learned on Dentaltown
July 2023
by Dr. Nareg Apelian
Dr. Nareg Apelian, director of continuing education, shares Dentaltown's latest CE offerings, most popular cosmetic dentistry courses and more.
June 2023
New motor from Aseptico streamlines and simplifies workflow
June 2023
by Dr. Jay B. Reznick
Dr. Jay B. Reznick, an oral surgeon and a member of Dentaltown’s editorial advisory board, examines the cases for and against prophylactic removal of asymptomatic third molars—and how conventional wisdom has changed over the years.
May 2023
A Townie’s struggle with a result leads other dentists to share advice and similar cases
January 2023
While the patient is happy with the outcome, this Townie looks for answers as to why this implant result wasn’t more ideal.
May 2022
After Townies cast their ballots for their favorite dental services and products, we tallied the results. Now it’s time to announce the winners of the 2021 Townie Choice Awards!
December 2021
by Dr. Jay B. Reznick
Dentaltown editorial advisory board member Dr. Jay B. Reznick reiterates that there’s a lot more to successfully placing implants than just drilling some holes. He shares some examples that required his expertise as an oral surgeon to address, and the takeaways that general dentists should apply to cases in their own practice.
August 2020
The periapical hints at a doomed implant, but the bitewing shows another story for this 19-year-old patient. Townies discuss whether this is a defect, a less-than-ideal finish or just a misread
August 2019
by Dr. Bobby Birdi
Dr. Bobby Birdi discusses digital implant therapy, and shares cases with differing degrees of clinical difficulty.
June 2019
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