by Dr. Nareg Apelian
Dr. Nareg Apelian, director of continuing education, shares Dentaltown's latest CE offerings, most popular cosmetic dentistry courses and more.
June 2023
by Dr. Jarod Johnson
Dr. Jarod Johnson discusses when early extraction of permanent first molars can be appropriate for pediatric patients and shares a case study illustrating the principles behind the decision.
March 2023
by Dr. Ben Curtis
Dr. Ben Curtis shares case studies in which he used a laser to treat tongue-tie in a newborn and a 10-year-old patient. He also shares tips for identifying, managing and avoiding some surprises that pediatric patients might present, including Vitamin K status, bleeding conditions and floppy airways in newborns.
January 2023
by Dr. Jeanette MacLean
Dentaltown editorial advisory board member Dr. Jeanette MacLean discusses why glass ionomer cement sealants are easier for clinicians and better for patients, then explains the application techniques and key benefits.
July 2022
After Townies cast their ballots for their favorite dental services and products, we tallied the results. Now it’s time to announce the winners of the 2021 Townie Choice Awards!
December 2021
Townies engage in a very passionate discussion about various pediatric dentistry techniques.
October 2021
by Dr. Jonelle Anamelechi
Some conversations about a pediatric patient’s oral health should begin even before the baby’s born, says pediatric dentist Dr. Jonelle Anamelechi, who recaps some of the most important topics that a general dentist should be discussing with parents at each major stage of their child’s development.
March 2021
by Dr. Nuthyla Sinada Skuja
As Pennsylvania pediatric dentist Dr. Nuthyla Sinada Skuja explains, the most consistent challenge for any dentist who treats children relates to the parental dynamic. Skuja shares tried-and-true strategies designed to help dentists define the standard of care and stay in control during appointments.
December 2020
by Dr. Michael Daetwyler with Drs. Robert Julian and Brian Woo
Dr. Michael Daetwyler, a surgeon in the oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic at UCSF Fresno, shares a case in which a young patient’s severe bone loss, tooth mobility and soft-tissue lesion were caused by an unexpected factor.
July 2020
by Drs. Judy McIntyre and Nikhil Mallick
Drs. Judy McIntyre and Nikhil Mallick discuss regenerative endodontics and the need to reconsider what’s considered a “successful treatment” in some cases related to traumatic injury of pediatric patients.
August 2019
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